Entertainment Application Architect & Project Manager

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Entertainment Application Architect & Project Manager


Exciting new opportunity for a seasoned application architect to get in on the ground floor with an amazing software opportunity!


New York City-based company with amazing product vision and impressive business model seeks a software architect and design expert to help realize this vision into a SAAS product for wide use by professionals in the film and theatrical industries. This opportunity comes with an impressive feature list, extensible business model and key interest by dozens of industry notables. We're looking for a smart professional who can take our vision and help us work on front-end design, overall application architecture, deep functional specifications, device-specific interaction, back-end engineering and platform analysis. Specifications for the ideal candidate are below.


Need to have:

-Excellent creative & design skills

-5+ years of application design, with a specialty on SAAS models

-Clear understanding of various, modern application platforms

-Extensive experience in iOS, Android and other mobile platforms

-Strong logic and workflow capabilities

-Excellent communication skills

-Significant skills in managing large, complex projects

-Experience in large, scalable, web-based deployments

-Enjoy working in a relaxed, but results-driven setting



-Capable of helping select (or provide) development of the application

-Modern programming chops and/or

-Working experience of tech in the entertainment industry

-Prefer candidates from the East Coast or greater NYC area



Negotiable. Enormous upside potential


For more info, please contact:


Alex Libby
Xander Theatricals, Inc.
250 Park Avenue
Suite 700
New York City
(207) 415-8178