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    Limited Access to Field


      Hi all,

      I have a situation here to allow users to enter a file into a container field, But I dont want them to ever delete it.

      In the privlege set on the Container field, I only have the choice to modify - view- No access ie: modify means to delete the file and add another one..so thats no good. No access is no good as the user needs to drag and drop into the field. View only is no good as i need to enter the file to the field.

      The button I have on the left is a merge Insert/Delete...Open button is Export etc..any thoughts out there...1.JPG

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          I'm not sure I understand your question, but I'll try to lend a hand. Privilege Sets are record, not field-based. Why not just remove delete rights to the record? That's what I would typically do now.


          Alternatively, in similar situations in the past, we'd build one layout for entry, which would only be available when creating the record, and then a duplicate of that layout, but with different access that would control the fields differently than the "entry" layout.


          What version of FMP are you on?





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            You could have a related table that only has the container field in it and set the privilege so that you cannot delete in the container table. 

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              Hi, Thanks for your reply...

              If you set the record to limited, then you can add retrictions by field..thats what I was refering to.

              If I remove the right to delete the record, how would that effect the delete button script...


              Removing delete rights to the rcord may be a good idea..If the user needs to delete the record for what ever reason they would have to get managment to remove it or those with a delete privlege set..is this the way you would see it best happening.


              PS: Delete rights wont do the job, thinking about it now, because the user will not be able to edit or delete other fields...ie spelling errors etc....your thoughts

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                Hi Taylosharpe,

                Yes thats not a bad idea also..I already have a Documents table I could possiably use..  I have 9 x the picture you see in one table so I can easily export and email etc with the bulk docs in the DOCs table as each record can have up to 40 pdf's...

                You can see mu issue if an employee has a bad hair day with the boss can delete pdf files...I have backups of course, but avoiding it all together is the altimate. your thoughts

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                  With the new container field options in FileMaker 12, it's often a better approach to script your users' insertion of files into the containers. You can use the Insert File script step to control what file types can be inserted and you can then completely disallow users' direct access to the container fields themselves. Just give them a button to click to insert files; this would then give them the standard Windows or Mac "Open File" dialog through which they can browse to the desired file.


                  So long as direct drag-and-drop isn't required, this works quite well. (Note: You can work around this too, if your users are completely enamored of drag-and-drop, by using Script Triggers and a global container you do allow them to modify.)





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                    Further to Mike's post, you can allow view only access to the record, with editing and modifying via a script if you set the script itself to run with full access privileges.

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                      Hi Mike ..so the button would need to be a Insert button only ...not acting as a delete.... and Insert button.  and then give view only access to the field. So with this in place the script should still insert the file even tho the field is view only...do i have this correct...cheers

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                        That is correct; data entry via a script, if run with full acces privileges, will override account limitations.

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                          Thats really good to know thankyou