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Layout with Tabs and Portals: calculation fields "refresh"

Question asked by rbmn67 on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by Benjamin Fehr



Apart from refreshing calculation fields, layout as in inserted picture works fine.


Refresh is performed if the tab (anywhere outside of the active protal) is selected, but only for the eddited protal, not the calclation fields.

Default behaviour, i suppose: you do not want FM to refresh the entire relationship (all tables) every single event.

Tried "refresh window" after inserting portal records (either credit or debit or both), that does not trigger calculation of the total fields.



What script or command can I use to update both portals, including the calculation fields?

Which is the most efficient scriptstep / function to accomplish this?


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Message was edited by: Ruud Bouman - van de Vijver  Turns out to be much more simple: a sort instruction on each related table, in the sortorder of the portal both table calculation fields and the substraction calculation of both totals. The discussion - about performance and best practice for cartasian and comparitive joins - is very educational, thx for all the responses.   Kind regards, Ruud.