Using a Blog to Communicate with Clients

Discussion created by richardsrussell on Apr 9, 2013
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I've struggled for years trying to figure out an efficient way to keep my two-dozen-plus clients up to speed on what I'm doing with their database systems. Relying on my memory to remember what I'd told to whom (and when) wasn't working well, and e-mailing each one individually was too time-consuming. And, having built up a large stable of standard design conventions over the decades, I had lots and lots of things I needed to explain to each new client, and that was an entire task unto itself, over and above designing their system.


I finally hit on the idea of starting a blog, where I could present information in an orderly fashion, in meticulous detail, with pictures, taking as much time as I needed to get it right in the first place, and then just refer people to it as needed.


So I did, and I thot others might like to see that blog as well, as an example of how one developer went about it.


I welcome commentary and especially feedback on how to make it better.


Disclaimer: I am not a web designer. I know only the minimal amount of HTML needed to put together a blog, and that only because I rely heavily on massive infrastructure support from Blogger, without which I would've been completely useless. So please don't snicker or jibe at my bare-bones efforts. I think it's getting the job done.