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Struggling with PayPal Integration

Question asked by Mike_Mitchell Expert on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day. I'm attempting to integrate with PayPal to accept payment, and it's giving me a devil of a time ... on something that should be simple. (Shouldn't all issues be?)


According to the documentation, a simple "Buy Now" button (using their canned code) should route me to their site and throw up a payment form. I'm trying to use the sandbox ( to avoid issues with the live site, which they say you're supposed to do (and I support the idea fully). However, when I try it, what I get a demand for login:






Clicking the "PayPal Sandbox" link gives me the login screen for in the web viewer:





Any attempt to log in through the web viewer launches the same page in the browser. I can log in there, but the web viewer continues to stare at me like a dummy.


I know folks have done this successfully, so I must be doing something really dumb at a basic level. Can some smart people point me in the right direction, please?