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    Calculation Not Working Sort of



      I got this great calculation from David Jondreau for use in a Payroll file.

      It calculates taxable wages based on a maximum amount.

      For example: FICA Wages taxable currently max at 113,700.


      The calculation works fine until a person gets to the max, then the next paycheck starts deducting a fica tax from

      the YTD. Can anyone see what might be going wrong?


      Here's the calc for FICA WAGES TAXABLE:





      //Gross Pay YTD is the sum of all pay including this week's. So let's subtract this week's pay and get all pay up until this one.



      prevPay = Gross Pay YTD - Gross Pay ;



      //what wiggle room do we have between our old pay and max wages?



      availablePay = 113700 - prevPay ;



      //but let's not let that number be less than zero



      availablePay = Max ( availablePay ; 0 ) ;



      //which is less, available or actual pay?



      taxable = Min ( availablePay ; Gross Pay )









      ) //End Let



      Thanks so much!


      Deb Chabot

      FM 11A on MacsML