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    Super simple, native progressbar FM12


      Hi all


      Just created a super simple, native FM12 progressbar, so I thought I would share with anyone, who is interested....

      1 script, 11 layout objects.

      Totally context free

      1 min. implementation time in your solution.


      If you think this was helpful, please leave message....


      Nice day to all ;-)

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          looks great - thanks for sharing.

          I was playing around with lightshow tactics the other day and was trying to determine which of potential display objects offered in the filemaker arsenal deserved the "excalibur" title.

          Up to now, I haven't made much use of repetitions, but gave them a go the other day.  I found them surprisingly welcoming as graphic display objects for series types of designs (e.g. the progress bar).

          I think the winning attribute was that no matter how many cells you need to show, the "grabhandle" to manipulate the entire row, either vert or horiz, is limited to

          the first cell making them easy to get a hold of and manipulate regardless of how dense a design canvas you are dealing with.  I threw a few strips into your layout and hooked into your $$ so you could compare.  love to hear your 2 cents as to which objects felt better to move around and tweak.



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            Thanks to both of you for sharing. Nice initial idea and good expansion on the first.


            The first (Claus) really looks like a standard progress bar. The color is good choice.


            The circle display (Steve) is nice, but very putsy to adjust. I wanted to change the reps locations to make a full circle. The middle 2 *lit* in an odd order.


            The repeating field is easier to move if in one piece, but I am huge fan of conditional displays.


            I also removed the line between each of the displays - liked the flow of progress better without it.


            Thanks again for sharing your techniques.



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              Hi Steve


              Thanks for your post.

              Your tweeks of my file is perfectly fine and has its benefits.

              However, my idea was to have it super simple and context free. And with no fields involved.

              I think that the objects I made, are very easy to adjust in size. All are actually copies of the same original and then just scrinked in size. That is one of the great things in FM12. All grouped objects resize in proportions, så even when you make it a lot bigger or smaller, you don't have to adjust each object.


              Michele: Thanks for your comment. I was hoping for some people commenting, so I might want to share more in the future....

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                Nice. No context, no fields, and simple to make use of. Thanks for sharing!

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                  Couldn't the second step be simply:


                  Set Variable [ $$progress ; Value: If ( $$progress < 10 ; $$progress + 1 ) ]



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                    The one thing I would definitely change, is that "Refresh Window" script step.  It is still problematic on Windows.  It's better than it used to be, but I still avoid Refresh Window.


                    I would instead place a "Freeze Window" step at the beginning of the script.  That makes the "Refresh Window" unnecessary, and gives a better UX for the user.

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                      Daniela: Yes, you could do it more simple. However, I included the case statement so you have the option of sending a step no when calling the script. Let's say you have a process that you want to be in only 4 steps, then you could increase by specifying the next progess step. I realise that this could be done in many ways, just wanted to show a very simple "proof of concept" example, that was easy to understand.


                      Joshua: Yes, you are absolutely right. I created the example on Mac, and this was the easiest step to force an update. Refresh is not great on windows, to say it at least.


                      Thanks for checking this out both, and I hope that it could help someone...

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                        Really cool Claus, thank you for sharing!