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Scripts From A Field

Question asked by listen2earth on Apr 10, 2013
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Perform Scripts From A Field Avoid IF Statements part II




i use ScriptNames ( Get ( FileName ) )


i simply store my scripts in a database. Makes better for organizing sorting scripts. But most importantly i can access them, run them from my global field any place in my solution without the if statements.


when certain conditions are met from few calculation steps which gives results then along with every result there is attached a script name which will appear in my global field formatted ready for activation.


set field ( "do script" & """& HomeScreen::formatRUNscript &""" )


if not isempty ( formatRUNscript )


perform AppleScript Do Script “formatRUNscript”



And it works great however it appears the AppleScript Do Script will not perform until a FileMaker script is completed is why i cannot get it to work from inside a Loop.


i think this is SO SIMPLE that i am over looking something ?


Maybe i should simply use AppleScript Command Lines that runs a script from a cell, instead of formatting a field to do a Apple DoScript ?


i do not want to wait for my FileMaker script steps to complete to have any of my Apple DoScript activate.


activating my scripts without if statements all works fine outside my Loop and when theres no problem having not to wait for a FileMaker script to complete before the DoScript goes.



Again maybe i need AppleScript Command Lines — something like .. well i don't know ..


tell application "Filemaker Pro"

do script from cell "HomeScreen::formatRUNscript"

end tell







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