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Upload Container contents to a remote server via FTP/SFTP/SCP

Question asked by DickenWinyard on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by DickenWinyard

A client requirement is to be able to have some documents that they store in their Filemaker solution uploaded to a remote Linux server. I have FTP/SFTP/SCP access to this server.

The documents are stored in containers, using external secure storage.


I am wondering what solutions to this others can recommend (or recommend I avoid!). My standard approach would be to export the documents to a temporary location and use shell scripts to actually move the files, but error-detection would be tricky. Some plugins offer FTP of files, but I haven't found any that offer a direct FTP upload of a Container's contents.


The client has a very slow internet connection so providing access to the documents directly from Filemaker IWP or PHP will not provide an effective user experience. Therefore they want to use Filemaker (and various checkbox options associated with each document) to manage and populate a remote document store that does have fast net access.