Introducing a Star Rating Table and Function after the project has started

Discussion created by deebol on Apr 10, 2013
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Have come accross this situation before, and fixed it the hard way, manually. But, I think this particular issue needs something clever.


Imagine if you will having created, say, a contacts database. I have nearly 500 entries in this particular project.


After that has been completed, a request coms through for a 5 Star Rating system to be introduced.


Found a solution here but this discussion has long since died.


I set up and used this solution as a seperate table to my original contacts, and hooked up the "StarSerialID" with my own "__pkCustomerID".


It works fine for the first two records. Which makes sense because there are only two records in the StarRating table.


So, to get this solution to work I would need to have the ability to fill in the remaining records to the same number of results, parrallel to my contacts table. Is this correct?


If so, does anyone no how to fill in the rest of the records easily. If I was doing this inExcel, I would simply select the cells and drag down. I understand this ability is not possible in FileMaker. And yes, if they had told me they wanted the Star Rating feature when I started, I wouldn't be in this mess.


So can anyone help? You'll probably need more info than I've given, so do let me know.