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    Using get message




      I need to be able to show a message that asks the user to select from the contents of a field and for that selection then to populate a local variable but I cant get my head round the scripting.


      The scripting will be added to a large script that I already have which is running well except for this small problem.


      The idea is that the user selects a client from a drop down list through a message so that what they have chosen can then go on to get all the relevant details required for that client to create a new job.


      The scripting runs through several layouts





      Delivery address (Not the same as the clients address)

      Main screen where the completed task is summarised along with others that have been entered previously.


      I am currently using 5 different scripts to perform this and the final script will automate the process.





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          Perhaps I am not understanding the question correctly, but I generally make sure that the user is already on the correct client record and then create the job from there.  That way all you need to do is set a variable to match the client ID.

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            I would have a Global field with a value list for the drop down and an on modify script trigger so that when they select a client, it enters find mode and finds that client and once the client is found, you can set the variable of the clients ID.  Or you could do an ExecuteSQL call if you don't want to leave the record you are on for some reason. 

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              Stephen Huston

              Another option would be to creat the new job, and have them select the correct client from the new job record, then pull auto-enter/lookup-type values based on the client  selection field. Or


              Provide a modal window popup with the client selection field for them complete before moving on to capture that info in a variable, then the new job record creation.

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                Thanks for the replies which helped me form a better understanding of what i am trying to do and I have decided that as there are only 4 steps its not too much of a burdon so I am leaving it as it is.