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Problem seeing file list on FM Server

Question asked by mcrip on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by mcrip

Last week I had a client report they couldn't see the server on their laptop at home. We tried a couple of trouble shooting tips over the phone without any resolution and tagged it as a problem to look into next time they were back in the office. I got ahold of the laptop this morning and I've pretty much run through every possible combination I can think of without any resolution. Looking at the possibility of wiping the machine and re-installing from an image to see if that makes any difference.


Laptop is an older Macbook running Mac OS 10.6.8. It has Filemaker Pro 12v.03. The server is Filemaker Server Advanced 12.v03. Under File Display Filter the "List All databases" option is checked.


When I plug the laptop into the local network via a cable the server shows up under local hosts but when you select it no files show up. I checked under Favorites and the "Show all available files for this host" is checked. I have tried selecting the Show only these files and manually entering some of the databse names but it will not connect to those.


I tried deleting the preference file and adding the server back in as a favorite. That didn't resolve it.


I tried re-installing the Filemaker Pro software. That didn't resolve it.


In terminal I can connect to the server with both the dns name and ip address using traceroute -p 5003 [servername]


I don't have another laptop that old, but none of the other desktop or lapops have a problem connecting either via cable or wireless. Which is why I'm leaning toward a wipe and re-install. But I thought I should see if there were any other suggested solutions first.