Performance lag with data separation over WAN (iOS devices)??

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Apr 11, 2013
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Hello all...


I have recently done a data separation on a solution, essentially I took the original file, duplicated it, renamed it and changed all file references to point to the existing file as the data source, so that the new file can enter data into the existing database. Why? Because the new file had a whole heap of layout changes made to it and I did not want to disrupt the existing solution (live production system).


All seemed to be going well... at least on the desktops anyway. All iOS devices accessing the new file via WAN (3G) are lagging. If you open the original files, all is well. No problems.


The file references are relative, so is this the problem? Should the file references be set to an IP address path to the original file? If I do this, what happens to the desktops on the LAN?


Anyone know why it might be slower on the iOS devices? NOTE: The initial connection to the host is using a domain name (not IP address), this works fine for the orginal file, but when the new file is launched, thus referencing the old file, things slow down, is this a DNS issue? Any clues, hints suggestions are welcomed.