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FileMaker Survey Solution -- web served

Question asked by deebol on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by mikebeargie



I was asked today if FileMaker could create surveys. My immediate thought was yes. Then, I began to think of all the hard stuff and making a truely professional solution, and I went cold on the idea.


SurveyMonkey seems to be a good, all round solution, and needs no FileMaker input.


But I like FileMaker, and I'm stubborn, and I can't let this one slide.


After some searching, it seems Dragon Web plug-in for FielMaker has been dropped. Looks expensive anyway.


Then I came across this:

Looks like a FileMaker solution to me, made by FileMaker? I would have thought so. Would be nice if this was in their Starter Solutions within FileMaker.


Anyone else managed to create, or know of, a robust FileMaker solution for a survey? A pure solution without 3rd party plugins. Could it handle a lot of traffic if served as a web page (talking thousands, not millions)? (I guess you would need Pro Server Advanced).