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    FileMaker Survey Solution -- web served




      I was asked today if FileMaker could create surveys. My immediate thought was yes. Then, I began to think of all the hard stuff and making a truely professional solution, and I went cold on the idea.


      SurveyMonkey seems to be a good, all round solution, and needs no FileMaker input.


      But I like FileMaker, and I'm stubborn, and I can't let this one slide.


      After some searching, it seems Dragon Web plug-in for FielMaker has been dropped. Looks expensive anyway.


      Then I came across this: http://www.filemaker.com/company/web_seminar_survey.html

      Looks like a FileMaker solution to me, made by FileMaker? I would have thought so. Would be nice if this was in their Starter Solutions within FileMaker.


      Anyone else managed to create, or know of, a robust FileMaker solution for a survey? A pure solution without 3rd party plugins. Could it handle a lot of traffic if served as a web page (talking thousands, not millions)? (I guess you would need Pro Server Advanced).





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          I've made a surveying system before from a preexisting web survey solution (LimeSurvey) where I've used filemaker tied in via ODBC to the MySQL results table, and processing the data into usable reports on the backend.


          I think the Filemaker ESS to existing package idea saves on a heck of a lot of overhead, and of even more benefit, teaches you about web development as well.

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            Hi Mike


            Thanks for the info. From what you say, I assume you need to be more than just a FileMaker user to accomplish what you did?


            What did you think of the example I linked to? Do you think that was a (pure) FileMaker solution?

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              looking at the page source of that, I'd imagine they are not using CWP as the processor. CWP is usually handled in PHP, but their form processor is JSP.


              Yes, unfortunately my suggestion involves knowledge of LAMP (at least PHP and MySQL), but LimeSurvey is a pretty easy and free PHP solution to setup and host on a standard LAMP host, and on the filemaker side, it will teach you valuable ODBC/ESS techniques as well.