iPad optimised layout question (grids)

Discussion created by delphinus on Apr 11, 2013

Hi All,


I have a quick question to those of you experienced with iPad layout design...


I've had a look at a few presentations from last years DevCon and have been trying to follow their advice regarding using sensible grid spacings in iPad layout design.


My problem is that I starting working on a layout optimised for an iPad in landscape mode and specified my major grid spacing as 1024 pts and minor spacing as 64 pts (as suggested by Sarah Winkel etc.) this seemed fine and gives me the right sort of spacings etc., however, when I come to using the ideal 18pt font sizes for Touch devices I notice that the field boxes are much happier (and auto-size) to a 34pt height, whereas the grid is optimised for a 32pt height, which, frankly, doesn't give the text room.


Are there divisions/ratios that can be used to better set-up the grid for iPad layouts and to have happy font sizes as well?


What do other people use?


Thanks for looking,