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    Brainstorm Diagram in layout?


      Hi there,


      I have set up a "Brainstorm" section in a database I'm currently working on.


      There are two tables involved "ideas" and "Tangents/comments"


      currently it looks like this:


      Users can add ideas --> other users can add tangets or comments --> the green plus sign creates new "ideas" from "tangents/comments"


      It works really well... although, I'm hoping there's a way to display all this in a more user friendly way... Specifically - just like a Brainstorm diagram.






      I'm not sure if it's possible - I'd love to hear some Ideas.




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          I don't think you are going to get something so free-form but there are certainly ways to represent this all diagramatically.


          Your "Themes" branch based on the top of the heirachy... ie ideas. You can have the circles which represent eg "shapes" as the 4th row of the ideas portal and timeline would be 5th etc.

          The level off that can show the ideas or tangents related to that...


          It is very similar but not so linear as a family tree which I have done as a movable-feast where you can centre the chart around any person (idea) that you click on. download my genetracker demo at genetracker.11hrg.com.au and have a look at the chart...


          The how-to is in my head and a bit difficult to convey...  I'd love to see how far you get.


          - Lyndsay

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            Hello Laf,


            I'm not going to advocate that you ought to take a webviewer approach, but if you do investigate that as a possibility, you might have a look at the following:




            It really impressed me when I first saw it  -- especially for its apparent simplicity.


            From the developer's comment, it seems unclear as to whether this would be ready to go live on both OSX and Windows -- that would be something to check into.





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              You won't get what you want in a Filemaker layout. Objects are essentially fixed in that environment. You may be able to push the data into a format that can be picked up by another language and displayed in a web viewer.



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                Thanks Steve.


                Wow, You're right... Very impressive!


                I think you've set me on the right path.


                I'll have a play around and post any sucsess back to this thread.


                Many thanks.



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                  Hi Laf,


                  Glad you like it as much as I did.


                  Please do let us know how/if it works out.  I haven't used that code for anything yet, but I'd love to know if anyone else leverages it for some cool FM UI concept.


                  Very best,



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                    It's not exactly what you want, but this demo file exhibits some techniques with which you can display an interactive graph (here it is a network, but the animation should run as well for a tree graph if you export the graph nodes and edges accordingly).


                    You should have some understanding of


                    to be able to adapt it to your needs.