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    Very frustrated...


      Has anyone else had trouble with the ER diagram module in FMP?


      I had a crash on my production files just before release, which may or may not have been my fault, and I came to the conclusion that I could not trust the files so I spent two days rebuilding the system with fresh files.

      Fine. But near the end I was re-creating the ER diagram so I could drop in the fields from the older layouts and, just simply moving a small group of TO's, the system crashed hard losing many hours of work. Re-opening,

      things did not work right. So, I'm back to square one with my re-build... can't trust the new files either.


      It seems like the ERD is a weak link... if you don't treat it with extra care it will bite you. Also, I'm think I'm going blind after watching the thing re-draw itself everytime I click on it. Very irritating.


      Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know. Do I have to close out the ERD with every small change, then re-open? Just to be sure it saved everything? I have no choice now but to spend another day or two recreating

      with clean files. Is there a trick? I would think such an important module would be somewhat more robust.


      Am I wrong in thinking a production file should not go out if it has had a crash? Is FMP12 stronger with the auto recovery on opening? The recover log just had a mess of 'file block not in the free list' messages. Can I really

      trust a file after something like that?


      Thanks for any insight. I deliberately waited a few hours and a bottle of nice red to cool down before ranting.



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          Hi Bill,


          A couple of things.  First,  you can take a copy of the files and run them through the full recover process.  If the recover process reports no defects were found,  then you can continue to use the original files.  I have seen it recommended by some that you should do both a full recover and a Consistency check.  The Consistency check does some checks not done in the full recover.  Again if both of these pass without showing an issue then it is ok to use the original file.  Please note I'm saying to use the original file and not the file created by the recover process.


          Next I do all my development using a small local development server.  The copy of FMS comes from my FileMaker developer membership.  My server is a Mac Mini server.  The advantage to this is that it prevents most corruption from lost connects and related issues by gracefully closing the connection when it is lost.  I started doing this when FM11 came out.  I don't remember what the bug was,  but in version 1 of FM11 there was a bug that would cause it to crash.  I ended up loosing several hours of work on multiple occassions over a 2 day period.  Each time it crashed,  it corrupted the file and I had to go back to my most recent backup.


          Speaking of backups,  make a back up of your work every hour!! You can do this by having FileMaker save a copy, or a clone.  If you are using Server setup a schedule to backup your development databases hourly or more frequently.    This can save you tones of work. 


          I'm assumming that when you say ERD you are referring to the relationship graph or managing Database.  In general,  I have had almost no issues here with one  exception and have been meaning to report it as a bug.  If I go to add a data source,  and FileMaker doesn't find the file,  my copy of FileMaker Pro advanced will crash.  I have had this happen several times.   In the same vane if I go to open a file and can't find it FileMaker has crashed also.  If the file has been found the open works correctly or the datasouce is added correctly,  and everything is ok.  It is only when this fails that FileMaker crashes.




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            Thanks Bruce.  You know, I've always rested well at night knowing that my customers were somewhat protected in that regard since they were working through server.  Didn't connect the dots though to do development through a local server setup.  I've done that before but just to check performance, not develop.  I do..do backups regularly but of course, not sufficiently this time.  Think I will set that up since I'm at a critical stage.  I will also do the recover/consistency checks and see what it says.  Great comments, thanks.



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              Well poop!  I can't install server 32bit in Win XP Pro!  I've been using that under Parallels on my Mac.  Do I really have to upgrade to Win7/8/  Hate it.

              I guess I can go back to developing on the Mac side it's just that 99.9999999% of clients are Windows and don't want to spend the extra time changing fonts, etc., to fit Windows.


              Oh well, like the Mac better anyway.  Guess I'll bite it on that.



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                Something that I've done in the past for cross-platform clients is to use conditional formatting to check the user platform and set the font based on that. A bit cumbersome to set up initially but as long as you leave enough padding it works well.

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                    You could always install Server on your Mac and access it from Windows.

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                      Actually thats what I'm trying right now but have a question....

                      Setup FMSA on my Mac and when I open the files remotely as usual

                      on my windows machine I can do most things, go to layout mode, etc.,

                      but it won't let me modify.... says "file is not modifiable".


                      Anyone know what this is about?




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                        Did you upload the files properly on your Server machine via the Admin Console? That kinda sounds like a permission thing.

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                          Yep.  Did everything by the book.  Files have read/write access, mulit user set, etc.

                          Turned off all backup schedules... not sure what's going on.



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                            Hi Bill,

                            Just to make sure: Before ! you uploaded those files into the Mac FMS - Did you highlight the file and use Get Info to switch them from Read Only ?

                            Files copied from Win machines usually default to read only. So one often has to change that at the OS level and then use FMS to upload (and apply its level of access).


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                              Thanks Chuck, yes, I went back and they were read only for "everyone".  I shutdown the server and changed them all to read/write, restarted and still get the file can't be modified notice.  I can go into layout and do anything; the only thing I can't do is change record data.  I will try removing them from server and re-uploading.  Not sure what else to do.



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                                OK, that did it.

                                Brought the files over initially from Windows so...

                                Closed files on FMS/Mac.  Removed files on FMS.  Shutdown FMS.

                                Opened the files ( in the Removed folder under server directory/databases ) locally

                                and made sure all network sharing,  (moved these files out of Removed folder first) ODBC, etc., was ON for all users/all files.

                                Closed files/FMPA.  Opened Get Info (Mac) on all files and set all users to Read/Write.

                                Restarted FMS.  Uploaded files again into FMS and opened.


                                Now I have full access to files from my Windows machine.  Whew.  Learn something new everyday.


                                Thanks all,


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