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Cant print in Windows due to Minimum Menus security setting

Question asked by ericjlawson on Apr 14, 2013
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This is a Filemaker 12 Pro developed solution that is running on Windows 7.


I have set the Priveldge Set for the OfficeUsers to display minimum "Available Menu commands". I have put all required navigation and record handling into the interface to keep usage very simple and controlled (see attachment for image of settings).


However, this affects printing of invoices. I have a Print Invoice button which displays standard buttons on the Print dialog window (eg. to print, preview, save etc). When running with full priveldges this is fine. But when logged in via the OfficeUsers privledge set the document opens in a window with no menu buttons. In Mac OS X its not a problem as the Print command opens a document in Preview regardless of the security privledges.


So at the moment the user is using the application with full priveldges which is a bit risky and undesirable. How can I enable functional printing in Windows without impacting my desired security settings.