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    Users are disconnected


      I have built a solution for a carrier company where 10 drivers are connected with Filemaker Go from their iPhones to a remote Filemaker 12 server.

      Every driver have their own usernames and see their respective assignments in the solution.


      The problem is that they are disconnected as soon as they leave their current WiFI/3G network. Every time they pick up the phone they have to log in again! Tedious and not very effective.

      They all belong to a group with a disconnection time of 5 hrs (extended privileges: "fmreauthenticate"), and this works as long as they are on the same network.



      I really don't want to distribute a "local database per iphone" solution. Is there a way to keep the user logged in no matter how she connects?


      Any ideas?

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          Hello carlsson.


          I'm not 100% certain on this, but I believe shifting from one cell network from another is seen as a network disconnect by the server. That means the client is disconnected (it's seen as "no longer responding"). One thing you might try is something that appears in the FileMaker Go Development Guide (http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/filemaker-go/fmgo_development.pdf) on page 11 (emphasis added):




          After FileMaker Go hibernates, you must re-enter your account and password to return to the file, unless:

          • you are using the Guest account.
          • your user name and password match the user name and password set in the File Options dialog in FileMaker Pro.
          • you have extended privileges and the keyword fmrestorelogin (lowercase) has been defined for those privileges.




          I don't know for sure that this will help, but it's worth a try.



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            Just to clarify:

            The extended privilege fmrestorelogin [in version 11] has been replaced by fmreauthenticate [in version 12].

            Normally, you would see an ext. priv. with the name "fmreauthenticate10", but I guess you have changed that to fmreauthenticate300, right?

            (five hours being 300 minutes)

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              Since you are looking for ideas.  Have you tried using a VPN?  If the VPN doesn't disconnect from one network to another, then I would assume the Filemaker connection would not disconnect.  I'm not sure if this would work but it might be worth trying.

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                Hello carlsson,

                Just to confirm Mike_Mitchell yes mobile devices will attach themselves to a cell tower or wifi antenna for as long as they can, before "jumping" to the next stronger signal.. When they jump the OS will try to keep the same IP address but might be forced to refresh it's IP on the new tower. I've even personally seen phones jump back and forth between towers while standing in one location.

                While the suggestion that rgordon made of using VPN is a good one in a clean wifi environment, it will not work in a mobile network. Even though your mobiles might be set to work with one carrier network, the carriers, as you know, contract parts of the network to smaller companies. This means different IP addresses schemes.

                My suggestion, and your not going to like it, is create local version of the FMPro solution. However have the tables linked back to a external data source like mySQL. In the layout you'll need a button to connect to the external data source and sync the data. If your solution needs to have more "real-time" data, then use the script step "Install OnTimer Script[]" to run a script which would check the connection status like "Get(Connection Status)" and then if there is a connection sync the data. There are many ways to sync your data, you'll need to find one that works best in your situation.

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                  Strange thing is, after assigning an extended privilege "fmrestorelogin" the user does no longer disconnects... How is that possible...?


                  (and yes, it is FM12)

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                    Thanks for the input Sutton. "fmrestorelogin" does actually work, don't ask me how...