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    "The File cannot be found"


      Hi All,

      I am new to this forum and I'm looking forward to enhancing my FMP skills.


      I keep having an issue with "The File cannot be found"?

      This is to do with a picture from a source file file on a windows server, the location it was originally browsed to has not changed.

      Any ideas?




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          There are a lot of issues with linking to pictures somewhere on a network.  You have to make sure the links are always good.... AND... then you have to make sure the permissions are good too.  Sometimes things get mapped from a particular drive on a computer, but when you go to another computer, that mapping does not exist, so it won't work. 


          FileMaker makes this easy for you if you follow the FileMaker rules by running it in a server where the container fields are externally stored, but are stored where the database is and with the same permissions as the database as seen by the server account (fmserver).  This method avoids all of the reference issues I talked about in the first paragraph. 


          Is there any reason for you to not make your container fields stored and managed by FileMaker Server?  If not, that is what I would recommend to make things simple. 

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            Hi Taylorsharpe,

            Many thanks for the swift reply.

            I have a restriction in that I am in a small firm and an FM server is out of the question.(Cost, Its very expensive)

            When you say "make sure links are always good". What do you mean? Permissions? Please forgive the ignorance, I will get up to spped the more I use FMP.


            Best Regards,


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              OK, my bad.  I am just used to dealing with people hosting files on the FM Server service.


              Are you working with a container field or is the  a web portal viewing a document?  I am going to assume it is a container field that you stored a document in.  When you imported the document into the container field, there is a checkbox on the import that gives you an option to store the document direclty in the container field or to only store a reference.  If you choose to store a reference, that will help keep your database much smaller, but it also assume you are managing the location of any referenced documents as well as the location of the database file and that their relative relationships do not change (e.g., you do not move them say inside another folder).  Once you move things, then the relationships are broken.  The advantage of importing the document into the database without a reference is that you do not have to manage the document location and reference.  This is the simpler method and what I recommend for you if you're having problems with loosing your reference links.


              Permissions is a whole other issue.  All files on a computer have permissions that say what accounts can see, not see, modify, or delete.  If a document is not available to FileMaker because of permissions, then FileMaker cannot use or reference the document.  It seems you are using a stand alone FileMaker system and if this is the case, then if you can see the document and open it in Windows Explorer (or Finder), then permissions are not a problem.  This is generally more of an issue when hosting on a server and you have to make sure the service can "see" the document. 


              Summary:  My recommendation for you is to import files and do not mark the option to only make a reference ot the document.  Instead, actually import the document into FileMaker.  If your system gets large, you will need to move to a server and do other things like store in exteranlly encrypted files managed by FileMaker.  But until then, keep it simple. 

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                Hi Taylor,

                I will do ad you recommend. You must have spent a fair bit of your time mailing back to me.

                I very much appreciate this.



                Mit freundlichen / Grüßen / Best Regards,


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