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Discussion created by MartinCrosman on Apr 15, 2013
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I have been working with a file with over 25 GB of related documents being stored using enhanced containers. The files were imported using a script inserting the file from a network directory. Worked well but of course took onsiderable time.


After completing this we discovered we needed to replace the database with a new version. We closed and removed the original file which moved the file and the related documents to the Removed Folder. We then uploaded the new database. Both the removed and newly uploaded file has the same name.


How do we then restore the documents? Do they need to be reimported?


We tried to copy the files back to the original location which didn't work. Didn't think this should or would work but .... I assume this doesn't work as no hard links were created between the database and the files this way?


Is there anyway this can happen? Or is the only choice here to upload the database and reimport the files?