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    Containers - External Open


      I have been working with a file with over 25 GB of related documents being stored using enhanced containers. The files were imported using a script inserting the file from a network directory. Worked well but of course took onsiderable time.


      After completing this we discovered we needed to replace the database with a new version. We closed and removed the original file which moved the file and the related documents to the Removed Folder. We then uploaded the new database. Both the removed and newly uploaded file has the same name.


      How do we then restore the documents? Do they need to be reimported?


      We tried to copy the files back to the original location which didn't work. Didn't think this should or would work but .... I assume this doesn't work as no hard links were created between the database and the files this way?


      Is there anyway this can happen? Or is the only choice here to upload the database and reimport the files?





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          I had not seen the "More Like This" articles when posting this and my searches had not found these. Spent some times reading these articles and it looks like if you have you used the Remove tools in the Admin counsel to remove a database (and associated files) and then upload a fresh copy of the database that has been opened locally prior to beig uploaded, the previous links to the files are done and you will need to reimport all the files. Makes sense but I was hoping there was another option. Thanks to those who participated in the other threads for sharing this info.


          Sorts of limits continued development if you are working in multiple environments DEV, UAT and PROD. At the end of the day  it soundls you will now need to update the PROD file with any changes rather than replacing it or be stuck having to reinsert all the files. I guess this becomes a cost benefit analysis as to how long it would take to integrate all the changes vs reimporting all the files again. Though this also means the changes are done again and would need further testing again.



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            Martin -


            Another option would be to switch the containers to internal storage, replace the file, then switch back to external storage again. Would be a huge bandwith drag, but it would allow you to maintain your dev-accpt-prod model.



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              Thanks Mike


              I guess I would have to do before I removed the file initially?



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                Yes, that's right. At this point ... I'm not sure how to recover it other than reloading the container contents. Someone smarter than I (Wim DeCorte, maybe) might have a better idea.



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                  I didn't have much luck testing this as I had already removed the database which also removed the files to the Removed by FMS folder. I had tried a couple of things


                  I'll try creating a smaller sample to play with and see what happens.


                  Thanks again,

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                    So here's what I did


                    I created a little file with three records storing pdfs in external open storage.


                    I added the pdfs and the related directories were created wth the pdfs filed.


                    I then went in and unchecked the external option storage. I was prompted to transfer the pdfs and I clicked cancel instead.


                    I used admin console to remove the file from the server. This removed the folders created for external storage as well.


                    I uploaded a new version of the same file. I also copied and pasted the related folders from Removed to the RC_Date_FMS folder location.


                    I went into the database and reset the containers to external open storage. Clicked save. I was prompted with the transfer container message and this time I said transfer. Results said 0 were transferred which made sense as I had copied them there.


                    Went to the record and my files were restored.


                    Thanks Mike. It looks like this would work to handle my dev - uat - prod needs. Now unfortuantely the 25 GB of images are deleted so I will be back runing the insert script again. It only takes 10 hours to run but last time it would crash or freeze a few times so it needs babysitting.


                    I am pretty happy with this feature of FileMaker 12 and it is providing some neat functionality. ipad access and "private" containers to users.