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Mysql scripted import

Question asked by Hudi on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell


What I'm trying to do: import via odbc from a mysql database. In filemaker I have a table with id's that match id's in a mysql table. I wish to script an import that will update the matching records in the found set without a dialogue.


The Problem: In the script's field mapping dialogue box, the source file has no fields. its only when I run the script that the source fields show up and I can map them correctly. I need the id's to have the double arrow and the rest of the fieds to match by name. This needs to happen without the user seeing it, and I defiently can't ask them to start mapping fields.


What I've tried/done: I've made sure that the field names are identical so that I can set the 'arrange by' option to "matching names". this still does not solve my probelm of designating the match field as it still does not show up in the script.


Any thoughts on this?




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