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Remote (online) Backup recommendations?

Question asked by micinfo on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by disabled_JohnWolff

I just switched from FMS 8.5 to FMS 11 and also upgraded the server to new hardware running OS 10.8.3. The backup structure is different on FMS 11 and is no longer compatible with iBackup which I have been using for online backups.


The new folder structure for FMS 11 includes a time/date stamp on the backup folder which is a good thing, but iBackup wants to see a constant folder path, that the timestamp messes things up because you can only tell it to back up files but not folders (ie, I can't just designate a "Remote Backup" folder since it contains the backed up folder that's time stamped).


Anyway, my database is almost 2 gig and I want to make daily remote backups and so obviously I need to accumulate incremental backups, similar to Time Machine but only on a daily basis.


So can anyone kindly recommend an online backup service that saves incremental backups from FMS 11 and offer a strategy for doing so


Thanks so much.