Instant Web Publishing with Custom Home Pages for Each Client

Discussion created by DonClark on Apr 15, 2013

I have two (sometimes more) clients using IWP on a dedicated, shared FM 12 Advanced server running on Win 2008.

I rewrote the imp_home.html, imp_auth.html, and the imp_home.css pages, and added websites to IIS, so that each client had a custom index.html home page with their logos and a link to their database. When they logged out, they were returned to their custom home page.

This worked flawlessly in FileMaker 11. I cannot seem to make it work in FileMaker 12 except for the default domain, possibly due to some security changes in FM 12 - at least I have found similar code online that broke with FM 12.

The client home page link (http://website/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=dbName&-startsession, for example) returns a 404 Page not found. FileMaker only responds to the default website address or the raw ip. The problem with that is the modified imp_home.html page redirects the user back to the website address in the original link, so the only place they can go on logout is to the default website index.html page on the server, not to their custom home page.

Does anyone know what could cause this change or if there is a work-around?


Thanks for your help.