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How to host Runtime file on FMS 11

Question asked by MicheleOlson on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by MicheleOlson

I'm missing something and am not sure what.


I have a client for whom I developed a runtime application which they sell to their customers. (FMPA 11 Runtime) A few of their customers have FileMaker Server and would like to host the file from server, so backups could easily occur. A single user accesses the file, but may access it from many different computers within the organization.


It would seem this is straigtforward. Just load the bound data file to server putting it in a correct valid location, but I can't get server to recognize the extension. I have registered the runtime's extension within the database server and checked the box Allow FileMaker Server to host registered runtime solutions, but when I try to upload the file, it is not accessible - dimmed out.


If you have experience with this, I'd appreciate an assist. This is not something I've done before. I am following the instructions in the FM11 help, but I must be missing some detail, because it is not working for me.