FileMaker Licensing and Conversion: Have No Fear!

Discussion created by SkeletonKey on Apr 16, 2013

Does the thought of a database conversion sound complicated?

Are you doubtful you need to upgrade, especially when your older version of FileMaker® has worked with so few issues, at least so far?

Do you continue to delay an upgrade because of the anticipated expense?

If any (or all) of these questions pinpoint your anxiety when considering an upgrade of your FileMaker solution, then NOW is the perfect time for you to contact Skeleton Key. We can dissolve your conversion and licensing fears, and help you understand why there's no better time to consider that overdue upgrade to FileMaker 12.


If you haven’t considered the advantages of an upgrade, here are just a few things you'll experience when Skeleton Key efficiently and cost-effectively converts your database to the new FileMaker 12 format:


  • Stability and Protection of your Investment – You probably have a significant investment in the database you've used to grow your business. It likely has a significant impact on your daily operations, and an interruption in its proper function would be destabilizing. A conversion will serve to protect your investment, severing your dependency on a platform that will eventually be obsolete and unsupported. At a minimum, an assessment of its health and longevity is a reasonable precaution, much like an annual checkup.