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    Wishlist: FileMaker 14


      FM 12 was released almost exactly a year ago... Maybe 13 will be skipped because it might be bad luck. (?) Below are some requests from an intermediate developer in no particular order....

      1. Ability to see options chosen from scripts right in the script editor window. Example: Script step, Sort Records [Restore No Dialog] has a sort behind it. It would be nice to see what the actual sort criteria are without clicking on the options button.


      2. Ability to define summary variables in memory for use when reporting, rather than having to define them as fields in a table


      3. A real programming script editor


      4. Bugs fixed! Especially the import function, which has seen lots of airtime on the forums here.


      5. Ability to reorder portal records, by using the double-headed arrow, as in reordering value lists.


      6. A native "multi-option chooser" form, similar to the Sort Order window, which allows selecting multiple items from the left box of the form, and bring them over to the right box, and finally sorting the order in the right box.


      7. Native Windows and Mac desktop runtimes that could be distributed for users of Server. "FileMaker Go Desktop" for $99.00 (or less). Working at the, um.... low end, with lots of non-profit clients, I'm having trouble upselling them to Server, let alone AS. There seems to be a hole in the middle of the purchasing hierarchy there somewhere that could be mitigated. The runtime could even be nailed down to a particular single application, i.e. a stripped down version of standard desktop FM.

      8. Command "box" a la FoxPro, that would allow direct SQL commands as well as a "display memory" command to show current memory variables and their contents. (or at least add the latter to the Data Viewer, so that all current variables were displayed, not just the ones I remember asking for.


      10. Allow Execute SQL query results to become the "found set".


      11. Elimination of Java for the managment console in FMS and FMSA


      12. Ability to change availability/platform of a file on the server at the server console... rather than or in addition to the "sharing" dialog for the file.

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          Hi lkeyes


          Point 7 is alredy solved: Join SBA and get full FileMaker Pro copies for $99.00.

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            having to buy 50 copies in advance not knowing when the next version is coming out is no "solution" to point 7 at all I think.

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              Agreed on this. But some of the direction I suspect filemaker is taking could solve this very soon.

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                You can accomplish point 5 with a global indicator field, script triggers and a calculated sort field in the portal's table. You can even make buttons that change between up and down arrows with conditional formatting.

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                  Also on point 1, I don't see why you can't just comment your script right above your sort command.


                  IE "sort by ___ asc"


                  Commenting is extremely useful, and I comment the heck out of my scripts, even the simple ones.

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                    true, but some kind of infotip would be nicer because without extra work for us developers

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                      Hi, Mike... I like comments too, and I take your point as a valid workaround. But it just seems odd to me that I'd have to put in a comment to describe something that already has been set in the options section, and which simply doesn't display.


                      I suppose there is a reason for the current behavior,  but:

                      I just don't understand what the reason is.

                      It doesn't really appear to be a case of hiding something to provide a simpler and more undestandable view in the editing windows.

                      The criteria do appear if you print out a script using the print button.

                      It doesn't have any equivalent behavior in any other programming editor/language.


                      The only analogue that I can think of is the idea of encapsulation of functionality in an object, but even with such encapsulation an object has a calling list of parameters going in and a list of returned values. Likewise a function call has similar behaviour and the script steps like "sort by" seem to me to act like a function.  I just want to readily see what the thing is doing without having to click through to the options section. There could be several such steps in a script, each requiring the click to be able to figure out what is going on. 

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                        You know what I realized we missed this year was an April Fools wish list on the next version of FileMaker like we have had in past years.  Those sure were fun and also got the point across about what things are important to us. 

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                          ++wishlist FM14


                          - Get ( CurrentHostNICAddress )     : Toma la NICAddress de la Máquina Servidor, ya sea que esta use FMP o FMS

                          - License Management (FMP): remote installation, configuration parameters, (manage many "install" simultaneously.), simple (like installing Flash.)

                          - Automatic connection to FMS via vpn (from FMP).



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                            One thing on my wishlist is the ability to control the layouts menu based on privilege set, as opposed to just an "on/off" checkbox like it is now.


                            Now THAT is a time waster (coming up with extremely complex custom menu sets to disable the layouts menu).

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                              Ability to create, define, size and move layout objects via script.

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                                The ability to create, edit, and delete relationships between and within tables and files.


                                This would add TREMENDOUS versatility to solution design and data management.

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                                  Hi all...


                                  - Corrections of current bugs.


                                  - A better inspector that shows more information (i.e. relations contest, used in scripts, has trigger, used in layout, etc...) In other hands all informations that i can see only if i doing a DDR.

                                  - Possibility to use variable in relations.

                                  - Possibility to have Table View like SQL (in relations graph).

                                  - Possibility to have all SQL function (not only SELECT).

                                  - JSON Support for export and import - Natively, no with plugins

                                  - Export to URL or POST (now we have a simple GET with InsertFromURL) - Natively non with plugins

                                  - Customize on Server Folder for Container Data and possibility to exclude from backup schedule.




                                  Cheers, Fabio

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                                    Wishlist FM14:


                                    - "Paste in the same place": I would like to copy an object in layout A and paste it in the same place in layout B. Adobe InDesign has this option and it saves a lot of time.

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