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    Save as PDF showing asian characters as squares




      I use Filemaker Pro 12 and use some asian characters in our invoicing system.

      Printing documents or files containing in asian characters works fine.

      However, when I use save as pdf to be sent by email later, the saved pdf files show the asian characters as small squares.

      I have seen similar discussions here but I haven't seen any solutions so far.


      My question is, is this problem caused by Filemaker Pro or Adobe Acrobat?

      If this is a problem with Filemaker Pro, is this problem being investigated by Filemaker?

      If this is a problem related to Acrobat, is there any way to work around it?


      Thank you.


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          I suspect that it's acrobat causing the issue. But I do not know a fix or solution, other than making sure that the windows asian font packs are installed.


          IE you can print the characters fine, so the output of filemaker seems correct. Only when it gets written to PDF does it seem to become an issue.


          Have you tried using a PDF printer, IE CutePDF, NitroPDF or PrimoPDF as an alternative to see if it saves PDFs correctly?

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            PDFs need to have the fonts saved in the document if they are not standard fonts for the OS. Check out the PDF saving preferences... deeply in the dialogs when saving the PDF. You might also check out the Acrobat preferences where there should be default settings which might apply when generated in FMP.




            - Lyndsay

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              It will certainly be a font issue, but how to fix it is the question. There are a few possibilities:


              1.     If you can see the fonts correctly iin FM then you must have the fonts available on you machine, so if the fonts don't render correctly in Acrobat ON YOUR MACHINE then the issue is likely to be that the font is not being handled correctly in the pdf creation process. Perhaps the font is available to FM but not to other applications for some reason, perhaps it is a font permissions issue, perhaps something else again—so study how fonts are being managed by your OS.


              2.     If the pdf looks right on your machine, but not on someone else's machine, then it is likely the fonts are not EMBEDDED in the pdf—try to resolve this in your FM pref settings if that's possible.


              3.     It could be something to do with the way FM creates pdfs—if you are using a Mac, you could try creating your pdf through the print engine, as then the pdf is created by the OS, not FM; I'm not sure if there are equivalents to this process in Windows, but Mike has suggested a variation of this test.


              That gives you at least some avenues to explore.

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                Hi Mike,


                As you suggested, it seems to be Acrobat related issue.

                I have downloaded CutePDF and I can save my documents containing asian characters without any problem.

                The saved pdf shows all the right asian characters.

                The issue here is it takes a bit longer to save it, attach to an email and then send it.


                What I have in my invoice application is a button called "SEND BY EMAIL".

                The purpose of that button is when you are ready to send an invoice my email, just click it and should be able to send an invoice converted to pdf and send by email as an attchment.


                Is it possible to write a script that does exactly same as "SEND BY EMAIL" using a CutePDF rather than Acrobat so I can have pdf showing right asian characters?

                If it is possible, would you be able to guide me through.


                Thank you.

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                  I'm not sure that's scriptable. You can script the print step, but I don't think you can "silently" tell it to print to a specified location. Thus your user would have to choose the location the PDF is saved to, and also select it to attach it to an email.


                  There might be a complex method of doing using the applescript or send event script steps, if one of those PDF printers offers a command line like interface, but that's beyond my casual involvement to try and figure out.


                  There may still be a fix via fixing acrobat. You might want to start googling stuff related to font permissions and font embedding in PDFs to see what you come up with.


                  Also it might be worth it to get the full version of acrobat, to see if the (distiller?) PDF generation is better with the full version.

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                    I have now upgraded to Acrobat Pro XI and installed Adobe PDF.

                    I can go to Print and select Adobe PDF to save file as pdf in Filemaker Pro. This shows all the asian characters correctly.

                    Just like when it's done with CutePDF mentioned previously.


                    When I check the properties of pdf created through Adobe PDF, it says :-

                    PDF Producer :  Acrobat Distiller 11.0

                    PDF Version :  1.5 (Acrobat6.x)

                    Application :  PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2


                    However, when I check the properties of pdf created showing asian characters as squares by clicking "SAVE AS PDF" or "SEND BY EMAIL", it says :-

                    PDF Producer : Adobe PDF Library 9.1

                    PDF Version :  1.6 (Acrobat7.x)

                    Application :  Filemaker Pro Advanced 12.0v3


                    Maybe the problem is related to Adobe PDF Library 9.1.

                    Is there a way of checking the settings, properties or configuration of Adobe PDF Library to see if any thing can be changed?

                    Can Adobe PDF Library be updated or upgraded?


                    Any ideas or comments woud very much be appreciated.


                    Thank you.....