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Maximum number of users error message

Question asked by kodiak347 on Apr 17, 2013
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I am getting the 'max. users of this copy of Filemaker Pro' error message, but should not be. This copy of FM Pro 12 installed on 2 machines, a desktop and laptop, both running Windows 7. The other computer is off. I only get the message when I enter manage database or when I enter layout mode. Adding to the mystery, no one else is logged in to the db, I one get the message with one database and only on this machine (not the other that that has the same license number).


We have our own copy of FM 12 Server Adv.


A screen shot of the error message and the server status is attached.


Steps taken:


  1. Logging in and closing the db on the other pc that has the same license number.
  2. Restarted both PCs
  3. Stopping the DB server and restarted.
  4. Closing the db on the server and restarting