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Oops - All Locked Up in Layout Mode - Undo?

Question asked by tb3 on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by tb3

My primary layout has been working fine. I frequently make modificatipons to it without issues. Now it is locked up in Layout Mode - but not locked as done by the Arrange menu. I cannot move selected fields and objects and I can't modify tabs, usually I click twicwe and the dialog bnox opens. Now the dialog box opens but all selections, excapr Cancel, are grayed out.


I think this is related to another layout I created. The new layout is designed to print and I experimented a lot before I could actually print.


The noticable change in the Primary (old) layout is white background going down the left side of the screen, with a grid. Before I just had a gray background.


What did I do and how do I undo it ?


Thanks, Thom


Filemaker 11 - Windows 7