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Newbie question about variables and fields

Question asked by mh718 on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by debi

I come from an HTML/PHP/mySQL background and am flummoxed by something that seems rather simple:


I'm setting up a form where the user searches for a unique identifier linked to an individual, if it exists already, then they are directed to simply re-activate that person or do other stuff. If it does not exist, then I want them to be able to enter that new person into the database.


I'm having trouble simply carrying the unique identifier forward to the point where it gets inserted into the database in the appropriate field.


To be clear: it goes like this - search for records where field A is equal to X; if none found, then create new record with field A = X.


If I put that value in the search box and get nothing back, I want to be able to display or otherwise use that same value without re-typing it.


Thanks in advance. I'm sure this is super simple. I've been trying to devise ways to hold the field value in a variable, etc, but there must be a very easy way to do this.