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    Portal problems and/ or errors of thought?


      I am a new user of Filmaker. I have encountered a problem.
      Trying to develop a database that keeps track of the various projects.
      It should contain:
      Project content.
      Which ones work with respective projects and what role the person has in the project.
      Overall employment list of all the projects.

      Now the problem.
      What I want to achieve is the following:
      In every project I have two tabs, one for project leader and one for project assistants.
      On each tab, I want a portal that shows who works as the tab name suggests. (In the assistants tab, I want to see who is working as assistants)

      My approach is the following:
      I have three tables,

      Projects consist of:

      ProjectParticipation consist of:

      _fkProjectID (That's a drop down menu, with all projects, from the Projects table)

      _fkContactID (That's a drop down menu, with all the staff, from the AdminContact table)

      As (Which is a drop down menu with two choices, project leaders and project assistant)


      AdminContacts consist of

      I have tried to filter the portal in each tab (In the project table), after which choice you do in the table, ProjectParticipation. This has not worked.

      How should I think and how do I go about it?



      Grateful for answers and ideas

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          The portal filter for each tab would be:


          Leader tab -> ProjectParticipation::As = "project leader"

          Assistants tab -> ProjectParticipation::As = "project assistant"


          You're many-to-many relationship seems to be sound based on your description. But there might be issues in how you've set up record creation.


          Usually I do not allow record creation through relationships in many-to-many cases. I would create a script that grabs __pkProjectID as a variable $id, goes to a layout based on ProjectParticipation, creates a new record, and sets _fkProjectID as $id. Then you can use a popup or drop down list of __pkContactID and Name (show values from second field only), to select the contact, and another drop down to select the role.


          After you've created this, you can have a "complete" button that takes them back to the main project layout. You can attach validation and cancellation procedures to this complete button.

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            Thanks for the reply.

            Had made errors in the portal configuration. Had accidentally selected the wrong table, under "View records as the relationship." Do not know how.
            I was stuck in the idea that the fault must lie in the "Filter portal records"

            Your answer helped me to see the big picture.


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              Glad to hear,


              ERDs and talking out relationships as sentences in your head usually helps me out.


              Did you know you can print the relational diagram out? Very useful when looking at complex relationships.