Accessing External Files for Import in Server-side Scripts on FMS12

Discussion created by kmtenor on Apr 18, 2013
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I have a need to import an Excel sheet on a daily basis (FMSA12/Windows 2008R2). The file in question is already being placed on a network share by an administrator in our office, and I have no desire to ask her to add to her process and have her do something "special" in order for Filemaker to get its hands on this data. Unfortunately, the file's location and name are dynamic (but formulaic) so the only way to access it on a daily basis is via a $filename variable in the Import Records script step.


I see in other forum posts and on that previous versions of Filemaker server are not able to access files stored outside of the Filemaker Server security "bubble", and so any file to be imported by a Server-scheduled script is required to be accessible within the "Documents" folder of the Server installation. However, I cannot find any documentation that this has - or has not - been addressed with the introduction of Filemaker Server 12.


From testing, I can see that the limitation appears to be present - I get a 100 error in the logs every time the script runs from the server. However, I have seen vague references in some posts that make me think that, were I to change the account name under which Filemaker Server is running to a domain-based name rather than "Local System", I might have some success accessing files for import that are located on other (remote) volumes.


Since changing the Log On account for server is somewhat disruptive, it's worth asking here first, to see if anyone else has overcome this limitation by changing the Log On account, or by some ther method. If not, or if it's not possible, is anyone else interested in this feature? Is it worth sending in a request to have it changed, or is this a security limitation that we just have to live with by continuing to run a "robot" server?


Thanks in advance.