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    Mysterious record resurrection


      Hello all,


      I have a client who has had a few suspect records rear their ugly heads... on occassion, they have received the question mark in all fields within a record.


      I have done some work on recovering the files in the past, but it settled down, for a while... now I spotted a really curly one:


      There was one record, full of question marks, so I deleted it and imported the data for that record from a merge file exported from a backup of the database.

      All was well with the newly created record, until the user searched for the record and found 2 of the same- the first one was the original record with the question marks on it, the second one was the newly imported record.


      Weirdness continues, because I tried to delete the question mark record and the record dissapeared, but the number of records does NOT reduce and when you search for the record, you get both.


      So, in a sense, we have a record that just won't die.


      Yes, this is with full access priviledges.


      From my previous postings regarding the question mark problem, people have recommended exporting all records from all tables as text or merge files (merge is better because you can use matching field names) then creating a clone, compacting and or recovering the file, then importing data from the merge file is the best thing that can be done, would this be accurate?