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Discussion created by miketurton on Apr 19, 2013
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Hi, I am developing a database using FM Pro Advanced 12, that will reside in a remote FM server and be accessed via IWP. This is my first foray into IWP and I have come accross the following issue.


I am using browser Firefox 10.0.2 on macbook pro mid 2010


Table setup and relationships:


TO_SYMP (Symposium table with __kp_SymposiumID and joined to symp_SYMPDET table via _kf_SymposiumDetailID). This table holds things like Symposium Date, No of Days, Venue and Purpose.

TO_symp_SYMPDET (Symposium Detail table with __kp_SymposiumDetailID and _kf_ClientID). This table holds details of a Client's Name (via relationship with CLIENT table, Registration Date for an event and whether they confirmed and attended.

TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT (Client table with __kp_ClientID which is joined to SYMPDET table via its _kf_ClentID). This table contains Client contact details some of which are pulled into the Portal.



'Symposium List' which displays records from TO_SYMP table occurence

'Symposium Detail' which displays records from TO_SYMP in the Header section with a Portal in the Body that displays relating records from table TO_symp_SYMPDET. The portal rows contain the following fields:

  • Client Name from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
  • Clent Phone from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
  • RegisterDate from TO_symp_SYMPDET a field that uses Get (CurrentDate) to auto populate
  • Confirmed text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
  • Attended text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is also a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
  • Notes text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET


The Client Name sources data from a popup value list which uses the Client Name (a calculation field in CLIENTS table that appends LastName&", "&FirstName)


To select the Symposium Detail I have a button from the List Layout that picks up the __kp_SymposiumID and then goes to Layout 'Symposium Detail' and finds the record.


This displays fine in my local database but tesing IWP via localhost, this detail layout wont come easily and the browser times out after many minutes with this error:


[A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.


Script: http://localhost/fmi/iwp/res/calendar.js:12]


If I stop the script I can edit the record.


I dont understand this script as I did not call it.


I have noticed that if I only have a couple of detail records it displays but once the portal records increase over about 12 it just wont display until the timeout.


How do I cope with this


Please help.


Thanks in advance