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Using keyboard to access tabs and buttons

Question asked by Fimano on Apr 19, 2013

A user complains about missing ability to select tabs (and maybe buttons) without using the mouse/trackpad.


I know there are several ways to accomplish this. The native way of including the tab control in the tab order is the simplest, of course. But also requiring the user to hit the tab key many times...


I would like to hear views on good layout conventions regarding:

Which keyboard shortcuts make good sense?

Would you go for a custom menu or OnLayoutKeystroke?

- I would suggest option-1 ... option-n for the tabs on the layout. This is to have minimal of tab names.

- what about a shortcut for Create buttons? There is typically one 'plus' button per tab, but sometimes more.


I do not want to allow a shortcut to a button that is not visible because it is on a non-selected tab.

I would rather not have "Windows-style" underline of first letter (File, Edit).


See attached example with 6 tabs (1 being active, of course) and 1 button.



Mac OS X (10.6 - 10.8)

FMP 12.