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    Privileges Based on Value List


      Can someone explain to me how to create a privilege set based on the selection in a value list? We have sales people whom we want to give access to only the records in their territory. We have a value list with everyone's name in it. I want to have any particular sales person be able to access only the records with their name selected in the value list. Please help! Thank you!

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          There are several levels to this.


          1. Security

          Create a Privilege set where the access to the records in some of the tables is limited to where Q is the same as Y

          Assign Accounts to this privilege set where the Account name is the same as Q


          2. Database

          Create a Globabls table that is related to all other tables in an X relationship

          Define a field to hold Q... when a person logs on their Account name is entered in Q


          In all other tables have a Y field which auto enters the Account name when a record is created



          If you do not care about it being secure so that people can change what is in Q you don't need the security... you just need a valuelist assigned to Q and a relationship between the global::Q field and the Y field in the other tables.




          - Lyndsay