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    Need UI Advice with portals and IWP




      I have a database with approx 7K contact records and it is accessed via IWP.


      This database is used amongst other things to invite people to attend seminars and I have designed a Seminar management module to handle the registrations, email confirmations and track attendance.


      Leaving aside the email section the module consists of the following tables


      Table setup and relationships:


      TO_SYMP (Symposium table with __kp_SymposiumID and joined to symp_SYMPDET table via _kf_SymposiumDetailID). This table holds things like Symposium Date, No of Days, Venue and Purpose.

      TO_symp_SYMPDET (Symposium Detail table with __kp_SymposiumDetailID and _kf_ClientID). This table holds details of a Client's Name (via relationship with CLIENT table, Registration Date for an event and whether they confirmed and attended.

      TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT (Client table with __kp_ClientID which is joined to SYMPDET table via its _kf_ClentID). This table contains Client contact details some of which are pulled into the Portal.



      'Symposium List' which displays records from TO_SYMP table occurence

      'Symposium Detail' which displays records from TO_SYMP in the Header section with a Portal in the Body that displays relating records from table TO_symp_SYMPDET. The portal rows contain the following fields:

      • Client Name from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
      • Client Phone from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
      • RegisterDate from TO_symp_SYMPDET a field that uses Get (CurrentDate) to auto populate
      • Confirmed text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
      • Attended text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is also a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
      • Notes text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET




      1) The portal displays a bunch of rows


      2) The present UI design also allows the user to create new records via the portal?


      3) Part of creating a new record involves selecting a value from a value list of names (currently around 7,000).


      4) Including that value list on a field in the portal is dogging the system terribly when used with IWP.



      Can anyone suggest a UI that provides an intuative and efficient way to handle creating portal rows to handle this?


      I would be gratefule for any advice,


      Kind regards,


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          Hi Mike,


          The short answer is 'yes'!

          The real answer is that every professional FileMaker developer who has spent years on the job might think of 100 different ways each to approach what you want and it will be you in the end that will have to make the primary decisions about what you want.


          You pose a number of challenges which are easily solved by Tips & Techniques which have been published and discussed on many of the web sites run by FileMaker Experts and in fact on this site too... check out the resources section... Check out the Consultants list on the FileMaker web site and follow the links to their web sites. Six Fried Rice and Kevin Frank and Brian Dunning spring to mind but there is a lot out there which is helpful.


          One thing I think you need to get your head around is that you can relate one table to another table in many different ways... you are not restricted to one.

          Your relationships do not need to be based on ID keys alone... be imaginitive! When dealing with such big contacts lists, you want to filter to include what shows in the portal rather than show everything. One of the field options for Edit fields is to show a list as you type. You can also create much more sophisticated filtering systems.


          I have a very comprehensive system which is optimised for IWP which I am happy to demo to you... It deals with all the issues you have listed and might give you a few ideas. Unfortunately I cannot give you a logon... yet. Send me a private message with some contact details and we can communicate privately if you are interested.


          - Lyndsay

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            Hi Lindsay,


            Thanks for your response, I appreciate your thoughts and will bounce you my contact details.