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Need UI Advice with portals and IWP

Question asked by miketurton on Apr 20, 2013
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I have a database with approx 7K contact records and it is accessed via IWP.


This database is used amongst other things to invite people to attend seminars and I have designed a Seminar management module to handle the registrations, email confirmations and track attendance.


Leaving aside the email section the module consists of the following tables


Table setup and relationships:


TO_SYMP (Symposium table with __kp_SymposiumID and joined to symp_SYMPDET table via _kf_SymposiumDetailID). This table holds things like Symposium Date, No of Days, Venue and Purpose.

TO_symp_SYMPDET (Symposium Detail table with __kp_SymposiumDetailID and _kf_ClientID). This table holds details of a Client's Name (via relationship with CLIENT table, Registration Date for an event and whether they confirmed and attended.

TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT (Client table with __kp_ClientID which is joined to SYMPDET table via its _kf_ClentID). This table contains Client contact details some of which are pulled into the Portal.



'Symposium List' which displays records from TO_SYMP table occurence

'Symposium Detail' which displays records from TO_SYMP in the Header section with a Portal in the Body that displays relating records from table TO_symp_SYMPDET. The portal rows contain the following fields:

  • Client Name from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
  • Client Phone from TO_symp_sympdet_CLIENT
  • RegisterDate from TO_symp_SYMPDET a field that uses Get (CurrentDate) to auto populate
  • Confirmed text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
  • Attended text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET ( this is also a radio button Yes/No set with a scripted button to toggle the setting)
  • Notes text field from TO_symp_SYMPDET




1) The portal displays a bunch of rows


2) The present UI design also allows the user to create new records via the portal?


3) Part of creating a new record involves selecting a value from a value list of names (currently around 7,000).


4) Including that value list on a field in the portal is dogging the system terribly when used with IWP.



Can anyone suggest a UI that provides an intuative and efficient way to handle creating portal rows to handle this?


I would be gratefule for any advice,


Kind regards,