Auditing the Audit Log (or Quis custodiet ipsos custodes)

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Apr 19, 2013
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For security reasons, I have an audit trail that records every time a record is created, viewed, edited, or deleted.


For hyper-security reasons, I need to be able to prove that the audit trail has not been tampered with.


Access privileges are already set on the audit trail file (which is a separate file), so that is not the issue. I want to find a way to (easily) show whether a specific audit trail record has been altered, or worse yet, removed. What are your ideas?


-- Drew Tenenholz


I've tried recording a count of the number of audit trail records for each 'parent' record in yet another location within the system. The problem is that this is slowing down normal operations of the system - it is expected that there will be hundreds to thousands of audit trail records per 'parent'. This is because even viewing the 'parent' is a recordable event.


It is necessary to NOT use Server-Side scripting, this is a solution that is sold to customers who will not have the technical ability to create and use SSS. So, the challenge is to stay within FMPro.