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    Converting My FMP 6.0 Database to version 10.0


      I have a very simple database I've written a long time ago. Its currently running with 6.0 but I want to use it with version 10.0 so I can generate PDF's from an invoice.


      It contains 3 files, an invoice, customer data and a product data file. The only relationships are when entering the customer phone within the invoice, the name, address, etc. fields will fill. And when entering an item number, the product description and price will fill.


      The database does convert to version 10 although when entering the phone number into the invoice, it doesn't recognize the customer data file and always asks me to "find it". Same thing with the product data file. At this point, all does work, however I would like to avoid needing to manually find these files each time I launch.


      It did work properly with FMP 6.0


      Any suggestions?