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    Open Url and IWP


      Knowledge Base Answer ID 408 says Open URL script step is not working when used via Instant Web Purblishing. Yet I read all kinds of posts here about using it in that context. I thought I had used this in some earlier development but this answer says it has not been working since FileMaker 7.x.


      I tried it just now and it failed noting"


      "A script step attempted to open a url, but failed because popup windows are being blocked by your browser. Please disable popup blocking and try again."


      Am I missing something here?





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          I am not sure of the answer, but I would start with making sure my popup blocker is turned off when testing to see if that is the problem. 

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            Thanks. That is the problem you need to make sure popup blocker is turned off and by default most users have this turned on and in some corporate environments can't alter this.

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              I understand and agree.  So it is just a limitation of IWP for now.  If you came to Devcon last year, you will know why my hopes are set much higher for an improved solution to IWP (details are non-disclosure items).  But time will tell and for now, we have FM 12 and IWP as is.  The altnerative for now is to work a CWP solution with PHP. 

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                Strange though if you go to the items under the MORE LIKE THIS section of the web forum there are discussion items relating to Redirect to alternate URL when loggin out of IWP solution. One of these references calling the landing url and then using exit application to make this work. I think I used to do that to but it looks like a switch in default browser settings has killed this approach.


                IWP improvements would be most welcome. This seems like pretty rudimentary functionality.


                Thanks for confirming this.