Unable to see Remote Host, Windows 8

Discussion created by DickenWinyard on Apr 22, 2013
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One of my clients has just purchased a new laptop with Windows 8 on it for one of their users. I have installed Filemaker Pro on this for them, but it cannot connect to or see any remote hosts. I know this is not an issue with their network firewall, as their other users can still connect to remote hosts.


I have tried:

1/ Adding a Favourite host directly by IP address - this still doesn't work. Clicking on the new favourite shows no shared files

2/ Disabling Windows 8 Firewall and the 'free for 30 days' installation of Symantec's Security software that came with the laptop


The laptop is able to surf the net, send/receive emails etc, so general connectivity is also not an issue.


In short, I am quite flummoxed. Can anybody suggest what might be causing the problem?


PS - I'm not an Windows expert and this is the first Windows 8 machine I have seen.