Checkbox in portal does not display checkmark

Discussion created by ascii7x on Apr 22, 2013
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I am in a pickle here.

I took over FM from previous programmer of it.

I noticed that one of the features was not working correctly.

There is a portal that has active employees listed only, alongside them is a checkbox.

The way this checkbox is suppose to work is that if it is checked, it should display an 'X' in the checkbox as well as highlight the box as well.

There is another field in the portal and that one is accountname(the active employee filtered into the portal).

The way it suppose to work is if a user selects only the displayed name in the portal, it should highlight that person's name only, not the checkbox.

If the checkbox is checked, then the account name and the checkbox should highlight.

Also, the checkbox should display a 'x' in the checkbox, but it doesn't.


What is happening is that when the name is checked, the field for the name and the checkbox highlight.


There is suppose to be two features to work from that portal.

If the name is selected, they will receive a note within FM.

But, if the checkbox is selected, they should receive a note and an email.


That works, but the problem is that it does not display the 'x' in the checkbox.


the fields in the portal have conditional formatting so they highlight in color.


This is an image of the portal:


This is the script if name or checkbox is clicked:



Conditional formating for both objects is:

PatternCount (Notes::_kf_AccountNames ; Tasks_AllEmployees::AccountName )

that turns the object to color green.


The settings on the table for the checkbox is:



The pic below is the script when button for sending out is clicked:



This pic is the code when the objects are selected:



Your assitance with this mateer will greatly be appreciated.