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    Professional developer in Asia


      Hi all, could any of you recommend a professional developer in Asia, more specifically Shenzhen, Hong Kong or Singapore?

      We are an oil & gas service company in the energy sector and need someone to build what we believe will be an extensive database which will eventually have numerous users.

      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi Doug,


          They like to classify Australia as part of Asia. We are officially in the Asia-Pacific region for FMI.


          Seriously though... I do not have local clients... they are all remote. This world is pretty small given the network tools we now have available.


          I imagine the only barrier would be language...


          If you don't find anyone local, send me a private message or fill in the contact form on my web site (www.11hrg.com.au).


          My 24yo son is on a plane as I write this heading back from Hong Kong... My daughters are both teaching themselves Korean... (K-Pop is very big here). I can see a very differrent future for our kids as they really are extending out to asia as never before.


          - Lyndsay