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    FMPS and Java versions

    John Funk

      Is there ONE place to get all Java version / install information? I support a few different FMPS versions (11/12 Mac/PC) , platforms and Clients. It never fails when I update java on a client server or client to a new Java version, something breaks and the Admin Console will not be reliable. It would be nice to have a matrix style chart showing FMPS versions/Java/platform/ compatibility info at a guide. This is getting out of hand.


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          As far as I know,  the answer is no.  I have searched the Oracle website and only been able to find the current version that thery are distributing.  For those that are on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and earlier,  you get Java from Apple.  Again,  at this point I think you can only get the current versions.  That stated, they last couple of updates to Java 6 for Snow Leopard have worked with my FMS 11 installation. 


          I think Java 7 is just plane defective.  I have a client that just installed the latest update on his Lion FMS server.  This disabled Java 6 and now the FMS console is unusable unless he connects a monitor to the server.  Since it is a headless server ( Mac Mini Server ),  Java fails to display anything.  You end up with a blank/useless window.  This is true for the Java Preferences app as well as the FMS console and has been true for serveral version of Java 7.  I have reported the bug to Oracle,  but they don't seem to think it is worth fixing. 



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            Even with a head on the server (mountain lion) it is buggy. I have to directly open the console by opening the webstart jnlp as it doesn't auto-launch... even though the settings in the Java preference say to do so.


            - Lyndsay

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              John Funk

              Any news or updates on Java Update 45? Will this break my FMSA12 Admin Console on Server 2008?

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                CriticalSolution <noreply@filemaker.com> kirjoitti 21.10.2013 kello 21.08:


                Any news or updates on Java Update 45? Will this breat my FMSA12 Admin Console?




                On a MacMini running 10.7.5 FMSA Jave 7 Update 45 works OK



                Stefan Schutt, Mouse Up, Finland