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    2 Value Lists


      I have a database with 2 tables. One table (Student Table) has all students in the county and their current information. The other table (Encounters) has individual encounters for that student each year. As we make encounters we need to keep the year the encounter happened data (school, grade) with it. I have created lookup fields to address that situation and it pulls in the data.


      Here is the problem. I need to be able to have a value list created from the Student Table when I am creating a record in the Encounter Table. We need look up from a non-unique field. Currently can look up one occurance of lets say John, but not all occurances. Need them in the drop down list.


      Can someone help me?

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          Well, since we don't have an account name or password to log into the sample file you provided, , I can make an educated guess about what you're needing. When you're trying to build a value list of "John", I'm assuming you're building the value list based on the students' names. Hence, when you have more than one student named "John Smith", FileMaker filters out the duplicates.


          The solution is to have a unique ID for each student. You can use the serial ID function for this, or the Get ( UUID ) function (although that produces numbers that are somewhat unwieldy for direct interaction), or some "smart" number (like ST-001). But the value on which you build your value list needs to be unique so FileMaker won't filter out students.





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            Sorry Mike for uploading the file with the password...meant to upload the generic one.  The solution is workable.  I can create a number that is unigue to each student. Thanks so much for the help.  I will try the solution.  The password is pretty basic at this time admin admin if you want to look at the file.