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    IWP still flaky, crashes even on clean install

      We've been having a problem with IWP since we transfered to a new server. Coul it be that the old "tabs with portals" or alignment issues that were present some time ago are still there. Or maybe the SSD is too fast for its own good?


      • OS X Server 10.8.3, clean install, all updates, vanilla set-up, followed by...
      • FMS 12.0.4, clean install, nothing fancy in the settings, IWP and FMP access


      We wiped the drive and started fresh last night, and it took less than a day to have to restart IWP. This happens at least a few times a week, sometimes several times a day. Only affects IWP, never FMP users.


      I have many other FMS12 installs with IWP, and none of this happens (thank goodness) but this is the only OS X SSD with IWP we are running.


      Anyone still seeing this issue? Any help?

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          Read through the many threads dealing with the dreaded 701 error, and it appears that nobody has been able to pinpoint the cause or have a complete fix, although some are advocating running an IWP-starter to constantly monitor the process and restart IWP when necessary.


          You either have the error and can never be without checking your email with the Admin Console always handy, or you have no idea what the big fuss is. I hope FMI resolves this issue, because 12.0v3 and 12.0v4 have not been helpful.