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Looking for a user registration template

Question asked by RoelfW on Apr 23, 2013
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I am starting working on a performance contracting application. I am hoping to focus on the core functionality and use solid templates for the necessary but often repeated infrastructure components needed for any modern web based application. There is lots of good stuff available on the Filemaker solutions web pages, but I cannot seem to find a template that or starter solution that deal with user registration and management. Essentially, I need it to do the following


1. create a new logon id initial password, and security questions for a new user during an initial sign on process ,


2. let an existing user log on using an existing password,


3. fail a user after 3 sign on requests during a logon on session - force the user into a password reset process based on the user's email address and the correct answer to the security testing question created during initial sign up,


3. allow a user to retrieve a password via an email based on an email address and the correct answer to a "security testing question" that has been selected by the user during the initial sign up process,


so something functionally very similar.


Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding a template or starter solution like this?