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    Problem with dynamic value list?


      Hi all,


      I have two tables Contact (child) and Company (parent). I wanted to make a dynamic value list that will show a pop up menu with a list of all the existing company names (from the Comapny table ) so the user can select one of the existing values and assign a contact to that Company. But when i select from the existing values what is happening is that it creates a new record (duplicate) in the Company table. How can i prevent this from happening?



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          Gabi, your new record was probably created via the relation diagram. Click on he connection line, the popup that opens has a checkmark to create new records. Turn this off.

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            thanks for your answer. It actually works but it does not do what i would like it to do. Doing what you  suggested yes it lets me select from the list without creating new record but.....


            Basically the Layout for table Contact has several fields borrowed from table Company. Such as Company name and Company address. By selecting a value for Company Name along with tha it should populate the Company address field too. I know it is possible and it actually should work but it doesnt. It only works if i put a value in the Company Name foreign key field but i would like to make the same effect using only the Company name.

            How can i do that?