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FMP11 on Server 11.

I have a client who prints invoices once a week (rather than as generated - a business decision).

The setup is an Invoice::InvoiceDetails connection and we print from Invoice Details.

I have a script that figures out the dates for Monday to Friday of last week and then loops through the invoices, binding them into a PDF for each day.

These are then opened and printed. We found that a looping print routine ran into some odd memory errors and crashed a lot - the PDF method works.

I have a search that goes where the key bit it this...

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field [ INVOICES::Date_Invoice; $SearchDate ]

// Set Field [ INVOICES::_cnInvoiceRows; ">0" ]

// Set Field [ INVOICES::_cnInvoiceTotalBalance; ">0" ]

Perform Find [ ]

If [ Get(FoundCount) > 0 ]

...print to pdf etc.

The two lines that are commented out were designed to ignore void invoices - no details and to only print positive balance invoices.

This has been working for about 18 months. Users reported it no longer functioning.

Now it fails if I include the row and balance counts. Both are unstored calc's with numeric results.

I placed the _cnInvoiceRows field on the invoice layout. I am looking at a 4 on the current record - 4 rows visible, but if I search that field for "4" in that field I get no records. It's like it's not a number anymore.

If I sort by _cnInvoiceRows I get a numeric sort - 1,4,6,6,6,12,13,21 etc.

_cnInvoiceRows = Count(invoices_LINE_ITEMSid_invoice_stInvoice|::id_invoice) //result is numeric

I created a dummy number field, replaced _cnInvoiceRows into it. Easy to search and I find what I expect.

This is weird. I have another routine that is failing along the same lines - searching in ORDERS for orders with total > 0. Seems like something is broken.



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